Project on Sustainable Development in School

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler der GWKE-Gruppe Haiger der 5A haben in den letzten Wochen einige Ideen zum Thema „Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt“ (Sustainable Development) umgesetzt. Das Projekt ist noch nicht zu Ende, doch hier bekommen Sie einen kurzen Einblick in die Tätigkeiten:

This year our teacher asked us if we want to take part in a project about environmental issues. Our class agreed and we were put into two different groups. One about food and the other, mine, about waste and the pollution of the nature.
We started by planning to clean up nature by ourselves and collected as much waste around our school as possible in a brief time. We also wanted to show people how much paper lands in the bin to shock them and maybe get them to not use as much.
At last, we wanted to make a newspaper and put it in our school’s library. In the newspaper each member of our group either summarizes the things we have done or writes about waste in the ocean, how to deal with it etc. To conclude, we tried to do our part to make our world a bit better and I am proud of what we did.
Albert and Daniel

SO MUCH LITTER – save our planet because there is no planet B
A huge and very important topic this year in Geography was the pollution in our world. There are thousands of tons of waste, especially plastic every day. In Europe, every single person produces on average 500 kilograms rubbish per year. This number is really shocking. We are destroying our environment. That was the reason why we wanted to do something against it and stop this phenomenon as far as possible. In a group of five we organised the project named “SO MUCH LITTER”. We wanted to reduce our school’s waste. It was really important for all of us to make our school, the B[R]G Enns, ecofriendlier.
As far as we are concerned, there would be a change if more people knew about the problem. We put pictures and short texts on the litter bins. Furthermore, we created a few posters which we hung on different places. Before putting all the posters on the walls, we collected the waste in our school. We wanted to find out if there is a change after putting the pictures and texts on the litter bins and walls.
We discovered that waste was often not correctly separated and only after one day many bins were completely full. With our project we wanted to make aware that a great potion of our waste is not necessary.
Anika, Benjamin, Julia, Leonie and Carina

Our class, 5A, was supposed to make different environmental projects. Our group decided to make a project about the topic “food”. The main topic was to make a survey (=Umfrage), which was sent per email to our teachers and pupils. We asked different questions about the eating behaviours. For example, if people eat only vegetarian/vegan food or if people buy only seasonal food. The survey was sent out after the deadline so we cannot present you the results. If you want to see the outcome of our survey you can check the school homepage. Furthermore, we hung different posters with little texts in our school to make others think about their food consume. Moreover, we made a big poster with different pictures, facts and drawings. You can see this poster in the auditorium (=Aula) of our school.
Hanna, Xenia, Linda and Verena

What if a school went vegan for a day?
We, as students of the class 5A, asked ourselves this exact question. Starting off with a simple thought, we came to a bigger conclusion: Let’s try it out!
After sitting down & sharing our many ideas, we decided to bring a project called “vegan day” to life. We tried to show the students in our school, how easy it can be to have a plant-based diet. Our goal was to decline rumours and clear up misunderstandings about deficiency symptoms due to quit consuming animal products.
With the creation of the “vegan day” we tried our best to help further people to be more considerate about the food they eat on daily basis. Our indentation is not to force anybody to change their lifestyle, we just try to shift their views on veganism and convey that even the smallest step will have a huge impact.
In the first week of June we will be bringing our home-made vegan goodies to class and wish our school colleagues to participate.
Let’s make the world a bit better, everybody’s help is needed!
Miriam & the future Climate Peers Derya and Isabella

Da das Thema Nachhaltigkeit nicht nur mit der Umwelt zu tun hat, sondern auch andere Dinge im Leben „nachhaltig“ sein können/sollen, hat sich eine Gruppe mit der Höflichkeit am Buffet beschäftigt. Sie haben für unsere Buffetfee Susi ein kleines Plakat gestaltet, auf dem an die Worte Bitte und Danke erinnert wird, sodass diese vielleicht endlich nachhaltig verwendet werden.
Recently Susi asked us to design a poster in which people would be reminded to say please and thank you.
Therefore, we have dealt with this topic in more detail in the last weeks and we have noticed that more and more people are forgetting to say thank you. Saying thank you is not just a matter of decency. Saying thank you also means recognizing and appreciating what someone else does for you.
Most of us were raised by our parents to say „please“ and „thank you“. Many parents bring it to their children with phrases such as: „What’s the magic word?“. As children, we were able to practice thanking well, because we were largely dependent on getting our wishes fulfilled by others. However, sometimes we are dependent on the help of our parents, friends, schoolmates, neighbors, etc. Because a „please“ or a „thank you“ does no harm to you and you can express a little gratitude to your counterpart.
With this poster we would like to remind you to appreciate the work of Susi as well as that of others.
Avasin, Olivia, Chiara and Valentin

Im ganzen Schulhaus hängen kleine und große Plakate, die auf die Umweltproblematik aufmerksam machen und aufwecken sollen. Nachdem die Geschichteausstellung im Juni endet, wird die 5A das Projekt ausweiten und den Platz in der Aula nutzen, der momentan nicht zur Verfügung steht.
Wir freuen uns auf den 2. Teil des Projekts!
(Mai 2021) Livia Haiger